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I have been a business growth professional and Fractional Chief Operating Officer to my Clients since 2003, helping Clients to grow their businesses and eventually to turn them into independently valuable assets that can operate without them, if necessary. This ensures that the business can fetch the maximum valuation possible when it comes time for the Owner to sell it even if that “sale” is merely to the next generation of the family or to key employees and management.
For over 20 years now I have been helping early-stage start-ups and mid-market companies that are seeking to grow to 2-5 times their current size within the next 4-10 years. Generally, their revenues are between $5M and $75M. 
I enjoy what I do and I also enjoy being a Managing Partner of, and key resource to, The Elite Club and the Carmen Gray Team for their business clients. Many of our clients are either high-net-worth individuals, a startup looking for guidance in their first lease, or growth-stage companies seeking to make their first purchase of a commercial property. Other clients are mid-size companies looking to expand into new locations or a larger HQ space. Then they have clients who are at the retirement stage, where they are ready to sell their business and or the real property that goes with it.

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