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Full Spectrum Real Estate

Too often in the past Commercial Real Estate agents have been restricted to a specific and narrow category of properties by their brokerages, purely to the benefit of the brokerage itself.  This has resulted in the agents being locked into solely that narrow sector and if a change in the macro-economic environment negatively impacts that sector then they find their business (and their ability to earn a living) wiped out for an extended period of time, while the brokerage merely experiences an inconvenience as the rest o their business remains relatively robust.

We believe in covering the entire spectrum of the real estate market, and to being able to say “Yes” to handling all of the needs of your loyal Clients.  Relationships and trust are the core framework of lasting business interactions and a healthy business.


Collaboration Through Partnership

If a Client has a need of specialist expertise that their Elite Club Partner does not have, then it is routine for that Partner to reach out to and collaborate with any one of our other Partners who does have knowledge and expertise in the needed arena.

In this way the Client has continuity of relationship and maintains their usual point of contact, while their specific need is well understood and clearly addressed in the best possible manner.


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